The truth about us

PrevDent® is an opportunity for You to gain in a safe manner white smile and improve dental health simultaneously. It is a unique product line of oral hygiene that differs from other products on the market with the chemical composition of the products, including such minerals as hydroxyapatite, which constitutes 70% of our tooth dentin and 97% of the enamel.

Why does it work?

Nano-size particles of hydroxyapatite have a resemblance to the apatite crystals of the tooth enamel. Therefore, Nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAp™) is one of the most bio compatible and bio active materials, which in recent years have gained wide recognition in medicine and dentistry. It penetrates deeply into the dentin channels and reduces tooth sensitivity, as well as remineralizes and restores the damaged enamel, making your teeth healthy and naturally white.

Why PrevDent®?

On average, 57% of people have experienced tooth sensitivity, and ordinary toothpastes unfortunately cannot help to reduce it. Their main function is to release the teeth from food residues and plaque, rather than improve tooth health condition or whiten them. PrevDent® professionally combines plaque removal and teeth whitening, as well as using of PrevDent® nHAp™ products results in reduced tooth sensitivity.

Repair Whitening

It is not about 'teeth-whitening’, it is about ’healthy teeth whitening’. Using nHAp™ in PrevDent® Repair Whitening products makes them so special that we may claim that they ’Clean, re-Whiten & Repair’.

PrevDent® nHAp™ works according to the principle of fixing to top layer of enamel and dentin, as well as filling the micro-defects in the tooth with artificial bone marrow hydroxyapatite.

When treating damaged dental tissues with nHAp™, "open" dentin tubules, tooth micro-gaps and pores are closed (characteristic for both caries and erosion).


Having teeth aligned is a great advantage of modern dentistry. However the development of 'white spot lesions' and caries remain a problem in orthodontic patients. OrthoCare™ nHAp™ based products are specially developed to help to avoid the development of white spot lesions during and after orthodontic treatment.

Sensitivity Management

Dental hypersensitivity is major dental condition, that is common to approximately 57% of adults. PrevDent products are Fluoride Free and contain nHAp™ (nano-hydroxyapatite), that is effective in reduction of teeth sensitivity, fast enamel remineralization and improved smoothness of tooth surface and whitening.