Professional teeth repairing products PrevDent OrthoCare

The consistent application of PrevDent nHAp professional toothpaste is effective in removing early dental caries and actively preventing the formation of new dental lesions.

Nano-sized particles of hydroxyapatite (nHAp) reduce tooth sensitivity by addressing its underlying causes.

PrevDent is known for maintaining excellent oral health.

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Teeth whitening PrevDent

PrevDent is a notably healthy and effective dental whitening treatment that bleaches deep tooth discoloration and replenishes enamel using a special hydroxyapatite formula (nHAp).

PrevDent nHAp repair-whitening Home Kits represent a new generation of at-home teeth whitening solutions.

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Dental instruments Deppeler 

Deppeler SA stands out as a Swiss dental manufacturer, renowned for producing premium dental instruments with exceptional materials and proven techniques since 1934.

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Hydroxyapatite plays a crucial role in the composition of teeth, constituting 65% of dentin and 97% of enamel.

PrevDent's nano-sized hydroxyapatite particles (nHAp) are both biocompatible and active, adhering to dental hydroxyapatite.

These nHAp particles deeply infiltrate the dentin tubules, effectively sealing them and diminishing tooth sensitivity, while also repairing and reinforcing the compromised enamel surface.


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