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PrevDent Baltic SIA is a supplier of dental care products and an online store.

The most common products are professional dental instruments, professional teeth whitening systems in dentistry and for home use, products for excellent oral health for daily use, prevention of tooth sensitivity and restoration of tooth structure.

The company's work experience with more than 15 years in the delivery of goods, wholesale and retail in an online store.

What is PrevDent?

PrevDent® is a professional dental care system with hydroxyapatite.

Hydroxylapatite restores and strengthens the structure of tooth enamel and dentin, prevents tooth sensitivity.

PrevDent® has unique oral hygiene products, tooth-friendly and effective whitening systems in dentistry and at home.

Why does it work?

Hydroxyapatite is a key element in tooth structure, accounting for 65% of tooth dentin and 97% of tooth enamel. PrevDent® hydroxyapatite Nano-sized particles (nHAp™) are a biocompatible and biologically active material. It penetrates deep into the dentinal tubules, seals them and prevents tooth sensitivity. nHAp™ restores and strengthens the damaged enamel surface - micro caries and micro cracks.

Why PrevDent?

On average, 52% of people have experienced tooth sensitivity, which unfortunately conventional toothpastes do not help to reduce. PrevDent® professionally combines tooth plaque removal, tooth structure restoration and tooth sensitivity prevention. The formula of PrevDent® nHAp ™ composition is protected by a patent.

Company details

PrevDent Baltic SIA
Elizabetes street 25-1, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
Registration no.: 40103198083
VAT no.: LV40103198083
IBAN: LV41HABA0551022741317
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