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PrevDent Baltic SIA is a provider of dental care products and operates an online store.

Our most popular products include professional dental instruments, teeth whitening systems for both dental practices and home use, daily oral health products, solutions for preventing tooth sensitivity, and products for tooth structure restoration.

With over 20 years of experience, the company specializes in the distribution of goods, offering both wholesale and retail options through our online store.

What is PrevDent?

PrevDent offers a professional dental care system that includes hydroxyapatite, which restores and fortifies the structure of tooth enamel and dentin, and prevents tooth sensitivity. PrevDent provides distinctive oral hygiene products and tooth-friendly, effective whitening systems for both dental office and home use.

Why does it work?

Hydroxyapatite is a crucial component of tooth structure, comprising 65% of dentin and 97% of enamel. PrevDent's nano-sized hydroxyapatite particles (nHAp) are both biocompatible and bioactive. They deeply penetrate dentinal tubules, seal them, and prevent tooth sensitivity. Additionally, nHAp repairs and reinforces the damaged enamel surface, addressing micro caries and micro cracks.

Why PrevDent?

On average, tooth sensitivity affects 52% of individuals, a condition that conventional toothpastes often fail to alleviate. PrevDent effectively merges the removal of tooth plaque, the restoration of tooth structure, and the prevention of tooth sensitivity. The composition formula of PrevDent nHAp is patented.

Company details

PrevDent Baltic SIA
Elizabetes street 25-1, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
Registration no.: 40103198083
VAT no.: LV40103198083
IBAN: LV41HABA0551022741317
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