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PrevDent® - a particularly healthy and effective teeth whitening procedure in dentistry - bleaches the deep coloration of teeth and restores enamel with the special Hydroxyapatite composition nHAp™.

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Systematic use of toothpaste PrevDent® nHAp™ ensures the initial loss of caries and prevents the emergence of new lesions, and maintains excellent oral health.

nHAp™ reduces tooth sensitivity by preventing the causes of it.

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Deppeler Dental Instruments

Deppeler AS is a Swiss dental manufacturer in a class of its own and has been making top-of-the-range dental instruments, using outstanding materials and tried and tested techniques, since 1934.

Hydroxyapatite nHAp™

Hydroxyapatite is a key element in tooth structure.

Enamel hydroxyapatite nHAp™ creates a bright white appearance and prevents diffused light reflection by closing small pores from the enamel surface.

Tooth enamel contains 96% hydroxyapatite and 4% organic matter and water. Dentin contains 65% hydroxyapatite.

nHAp™ replaces tooth enamel and dentin apatite, so it is incorporated into toothpastes to restore the surface of demineralized enamel and dentin by depositing hydroxyapatite nanoparticles in defects.

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