Excellent Oral Health
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Teeth whitening CrWR is a particularly healthy and effective procedure.

During the in-office procedure, the teeth are cleaned of staining, naturally bleached and restored with the hydroxyapatite formula nHAp™.

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Systematic use of nHAp™ products ensures the initial loss of caries and prevents the emergence of new lesions, and maintains excellent oral health. 

nHAp™ reduces tooth sensitivity by preventing the causes of it.

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Deppeler Dental Instruments
Deppeler AS is a Swiss dental manufacturer in a class of its own and has been making top-of-the-range dental instruments, using outstanding materials and tried and tested techniques, since 1934.

Hydroxyapatite nHAp™

Enamel composition is 97 wt.% nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAp™) and 3 wt.% organic material and water. In dentin, the nHAp™ represents 65 wt.%.

nHAp™ is the main component of enamel, so it gives an appearance of bright white and eliminates the diffuse reflectivity of light by closing the small pores of the enamel surface.

 nHAp™ mimics the size of natural dentinal hydroxyapatite or enamel apatite.  Experimental results demonstrate the advantages of nHAp™ in enamel repair, which has led to its incorporation in toothpaste to promote the restoration of demineralized enamel or dentin surfaces by depositing hydroxyapatite nano-particles in the defects.